St Augustine’s Drama Club

St Augustine’s Drama Club meet each Wednesday after school. The purpose of our drama club is to introduce children to interesting stories, characters and texts in an imaginative and unique way. As well as developing their performance skills, we seek to inspire children to read in full the stories they are rehearsing and also research the issues, settings and historical context of the works.

Our aim is to nurture and develop the self-esteem and communication skills of our children by allowing them opportunities to express themselves in a creative environment and to have lots of fun. Each week, we complete challenges to build teamwork and confidence whilst working together to create dramatic stories and adventures.

During the school year, we will share the children’s talents with school assemblies and invite parents and family members into school to watch the children perform.

Drama club is ran by Mrs. Nicholson (Year 6 teacher) with the much valued help and support from Mrs. Hawkins and Mrs Simpson.