Seven Theme

At St. Augustine’s, the children are put into one of four houses named after local saints:-

St. Margaret Clitherow (Red)
Blessed Nicholas Postgate (Green)
St Cuthbert (Blue)
St. Hilda (Yellow)

Housepoints are awarded for excellent work, attitude and behaviour and are counted up weekly for our Friday morning assembly. The winning house each week is awarded a 10 minute ‘golden time’ or extra break time on the Friday afternoon. During the year, Year 6 prefects keep a running total of the weekly scores as the houses compete to win the ‘Stephen Burns Shield’, named after our previous Chair of Governors.

The Stephen Burns Shield

The Stephen Burns Shield


2013/14: St. Margaret Clitherow

2014/15: St. Hilda

2015/16: St. Hilda

2016/17: St. Cuthbert

2017/18: St. Margaret Clitherow

2018/19: St. Cuthbert

2019/20: rolled over to 2020/21 due to school closure