Parler Français

Vision Statement: French

Our vision is that pupils at St Augustine’s become confident and comfortable speaking French and that this language acquisition provides them with a life-long practical skill, stimulating their interest in other languages and cultures.

Our vision is that pupils see the opportunity to learn a foreign language as enjoyable but purposeful. Pupils develop oral skills and become more attuned to French language pronunciation as well as having opportunities to write in a foreign language. This experience will enrich their awareness of grammar and provide opportunities for children to discuss and reflect similarities and differences to English grammar.

Our vision is that the knowledge and understanding pupils develop of France, its society and culture, inspire a lifelong interest and curiosity about the wider world and promotes tolerance of diversity in society.

At St Augustine’s the children are taught French in Key Stage 2. The children receive a 30 minute practical session weekly from a specialist language teacher.

Children have the opportunities to:

  • ask and answer questions;
  • use correct pronunciation and grammar;
  • memorise words and phrases;
  • interpret meaning;
  • understand basic grammar;
  • work in pairs and groups to communicate in a modern foreign language;
  • gain an insight into life in another culture.

St Augustine’s has recently established a link with a school in Toulon, France.