St Augustine of Hippo





St Augustine was born in Hippo in Africa in 354. His mother was St Monica and she brought him up as a Christian. His parents were keen for him to receive a good education and St Augustine grew to be a very intelligent person.




As he grew older St Augustine didn’t always chose the right path. He spent much of his time turning against God and the Catholic faith. His mother was very persistent and always tried to encourage him to turn back to his Christian life.

Through the prayers of his mother St Augustine finally came to believe that a Christian life was the life he wanted to live.

He was baptised at Easter in 387 and set up a monastery, living a simple life. He was a great friend to poor people.

He was ordained as a priest in 391 and became famous for sharing his faith with others. In 396 he was made bishop of Hippo. He became a great writer, sharing his faith with others.

St Augustine died on 28th August 430. His feast day is celebrated on 28th August.