P.E. & Sport at St. Augustine’s

Our Vision

We will inspire our children to be passionate about their physical education and confident to be the best athletes they can be.

We believe that P.E. is an essential part of the children’s learning at primary school. It helps them become fit, healthy and active. Our aim is to have an inclusive and broad range of sporting activities available to all children. All staff aspire to equip children with the skills and ambition to potentially become future athletes. Our P.E. lessons are enjoyable, competitive and active. Teachers are passionate about promoting healthy lifestyles and improving the fitness of our children by raising the profile of P.E. and sport around school.


As pupil’s of St. Augustine’s, we:

– Are passionate about improving health and well-being

– Are keen to do our best

– Are actively involved in competitions

– Have range of curricular and extra-curricular sports clubs

– Have fun in our P.E. lessons


PE at St. Augustine’s is taught in partnership with external agencies and coaches including MFC, Urban Kaos, Teesside Lions Basketball and Yorkshire Cricket Board. Class teachers deliver lessons using the PE Passport app. The app is also used to collect lesson evidence and complete formative and summative assessments.


Remember, P.E. is the only subject that makes your heart race!


By the time children leave our school, we expect them to have a good understanding of their physical and mental health and well-being, recognising the wide range of benefits of sport and exercise to help them to make healthy life choices. Ultimately, we want children to enjoy PE and recognise the positive impact it has on their body and mind. We want every child to be able to identify their strengths in PE and develop resilience to push themselves to achieve their very best. We want our children to develop good teamwork and sportsmanship skills, supporting and encouraging their peers to keep going. Where children don’t enjoy PE lessons, we aim to quickly change this mindset by supporting them to identify a form of exercise that works for them.

Children at St. Augustine’s participate in high quality PE and sporting activities. Our PE curriculum is designed to appeal to all children of all abilities and personalities. We provide a wide range of PE lessons and always aspire to add to our broad and exciting curriculum. We use our PE premium funding to allow children to be taught by highly skilled coaches and teachers. Through this, staff are provided with excellent ongoing CPD, enabling them to build upon skills taught. Our curriculum is designed to promote the development of children’s confidence, resilience and appreciation of their own strengths and weakness. It also aims to build a good level of teamwork and sportsmanship to enable children to support their peers in a positive way. Children at St. Augustine’s are encouraged to move out of their comfort zones and challenge themselves across all areas of school life. Children are given many opportunities to compete in competitive sport through both intra-school and inter-school competitions and events. A wide range of extra-curricular activities are offered to children from Reception to Year 6. Activities are tailored to the children’s interests and are constantly reviewed to encourage all children to get involved in an extra-curricular activity.

At St. Augustine’s, we actively encourage good levels of physical and mental health and wellbeing across many areas of the curriculum, not just PE. However, skills taught in PE lessons underpin the values that we promote at our school. Our school ‘Attitudes of Being’ encouraged positive values including being happy, gentle, just and fair, forgiving, honest and a peacemaker. In PE lessons, we actively encourage children to remember such attitudes and in turn, use them to develop their teamwork and leadership skills, resilience and discipline. The impact of our PE curriculum is to motivate to use these skills to lead a happy and healthy lifestyle.


Please see links below to our PE policy, curriculum overview and sports premium spending plan.

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