P.E. & Sport at St. Augustine’s

Our Vision

We will inspire our children to be passionate about their physical education and confident to be the best athletes they can be.

We believe that P.E. is an essential part of the children’s learning at primary school. It helps them become fit, healthy and active. Our aim is to have an inclusive and broad range of sporting activities available to all children. All staff aspire to equip children with the skills and ambition to potentially become future athletes. Our P.E. lessons are enjoyable, competitive and active. Teachers are passionate about promoting healthy lifestyles and improving the fitness of our children by raising the profile of PE and sport around school.

As pupil’s of St. Augustine’s, we:

– Are passionate about improving health and well-being

– Are keen to do our best

– Are actively involved in competitions

– Have range of curricular and extra-curricular sports clubs

– Have fun in our P.E. lessons

Remember, P.E. is the only subject that makes your heart race!