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During each topic we aim to answer big questions, which will support us being active, independent and resilient learners.

FIRSTNEWS 27 March – 2nd April

Romans Past and Present: What did the Romans do for us?

Mighty Mountains: Which mountain is the mightiest?

Traders or Raiders: Is it better to fight or fall?

Blue Planet : Is our planet really blue?

The Olympics: How can the Olympic ideals shape our lives?

Our Current Topic: Traders or Raiders.



We are reading Terry Deary’s Viking Tales

The Romans

On Monday 25th November, Year 4 went to Murton Park. It was a fantastic hands on experience. We learnt what it would be like to be a young Celt, who had been welcomed into the legionary, the most professional army in the Western World. Dressed in our uniforms, we learnt to write, fight and throw a javelin like a Roman. Finally, our fort came under attack but we used our skills to defend our territory.






Times Tables

We are working hard to learn our times tables in Year 4. Use the link below to help you…https://ttrockstars.com/


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