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Today’s Podcast: listen to to how we can share with one another the gift of peace and unity which Jesus gave to his followers..(listening on an iPad or smart phone maybe easier).

This week: British Science Week: Does the amount of sugar affect the dunking time of a biscuit? Maths: Estimates, finding and converting units of measure.

We shared extracts from our reading books or from stories we enjoy – Listen below.

We will add new ones over the next week for you to enjoy…watch this space… (downloading/viewing on a smart phone or iPad may be easier).


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We are amazing writers!  😀 

We are busy recording entries from our Polar Explorer diaries – listen here to a couple of examples (more to follow on our Podcast soon)…(listening on an iPad or smart phone maybe easier).

See our 
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In Year 6, we embrace and promote our school mission, vision and values statements along with the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and The 17 Sustainable Development Goals. By making links to these areas in our learning we develop our knoweldge, skills and wisdom to make a positive contribution to the world in which we live.


Creative, Inspiring and Challenging Topics

During each topic we aim to answer big questions, which will support us being active, independent and resilient learners.

Mexico Fiesta: How important Is culture?

Revolutionary Britain: How did the industrial revolution change lives?

Poles Apart: What action can we take to save our polar regions?

The World at War: Is it right to fight?

The Olympics: How can we live out the Olympic ideologies?

Click here to see our Year 6 plans for this year Curriculum LTP Grid Y6 2020

Our Current Topic:

Big Question:

What Action can we take to save our polar regions?

We are enjoying our class reads


Poles Apart is an engaging environmental topic where learners develop knowledge skills and understanding on the impact of nature and human activity has upon the earth.

As we developing our geography, history and science skills, we will research and explore the incredible environments of the North and South Pole.

With a focus on being global citizens, we will ask what action we can take to save the regions Polar Regions.

We study some amazing people during this topic from Inuit artists to great explorers past and presentclick Curriculum LTP Grid Y6 2020 for further details.

In DT we designed and made model shelters…

Design: We communicated our ideas through detailed labelled drawings. Exploring, developing and communicating aspects of our designs by creating prototypes.

Technology: We applied our understanding of structures by firstly testing how to strengthen, stiffen and reinforce bridges between two chairs. We then evaluated and developed these ideas to make more complex structures by making model Arctic shelters.