At St. Augustine’s, we recognise the importance of preparing children for life in modern Britain and promoting values that are an integral part of 21st century British society.

The core British values are:

  • Democracy
  • Rule of Law
  • Individual Liberty
  • Mutual Respect
  • Tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs

These values are promoted and reinforced in school in a number of ways:

  • Democracy:

School Council representatives are voted for by their peers. A group of pupils applied to be trained as Anti-Bullying Ambassadors. Year 5 pupils have the opportunity to visit London and to see the Houses of Parliament and Downing Street.


  • Rule of Law:

At the beginning of each year, pupils work together with the teacher to produce class rules. Assemblies and class discussions reinforce the reasons for particular rules and the importance of adhering to them. As part of the Year 6 PSHE ‘Stepping Up’ course, pupils study aspects of law, including anti-social behaviour, and their role in shaping society.


  • Individual Liberty:

Pupils are encouraged to be independent learners and to make informed choices. Examples include class debates and discussions through PSHE, RE or debates linked to curriculum topics. E-safety sessions promote the importance of pupils making informed choices for safety reasons. With permission, pupils have organised charitable fundraising events such as cake stalls, in addition to whole-school charity fundraising days.


  • Mutual Respect:

Our school ethos is based around Gospel values – to show respect and tolerance for others and to live out Christ’s commandment “Love one another as I have loved you.” Through assemblies and classroom activities, pupils are reminded about the importance of respecting the rights of others and self-respect. The School Council and Anti-Bullying Ambassadors actively promote respect for one another and have produced a ‘child-friendly’ leaflet about respect for others and bullying.


  • Tolerance of Those of Different Faiths and Beliefs:

As part of the RE curriculum throughout KS1 and KS2, pupils study other world faiths. People of other faiths have been invited into school to speak to classes about their faith and culture and by Year 6 pupils also have the opportunity to visit other places of worship. We have a junior Justice & Peace Group who look at social issues around the world and they have been involved in fundraising. Assemblies, classroom lessons, policies and the work of the School Council and Anti-Bullying Ambassadors promote the diversity of society and the right of each person’s beliefs to be respected.

A letter on behalf of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II