Vision, Mission and Values Statements

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6. Holiday Special Card

Pope Francis

Pope Francis

“Children are a gift. They are a gift. Each one is unique and unrepeatable, and at the same time unmistakably linked to his or her roots. Indeed, to be a son or a daughter according to God’s plan means carrying in oneself the memory and hope of a love that has become tangible by kindling the life of another human being, original and new.”

Pope Francis


The children at St Augustine’s contribute to the life of the school and wider community in many different ways. Staff, Children and governors all live out in thought, word and action and all pupils clearly understand what it means to serve the Lord in all they do.


The school choir sing at care homes and the local shopping centre at Christmas time. Our school community is involved in creating Christmas hampers to support CAUSE, a charity supporting less fortunate families in our local area. We have made hampers which are delivered to the needy in our wider community, including asylum seekers and The Upper Room homeless charity.



Laudato SI’ Anniversary Year


On 24 May 2015 Pope Francis signed Laudato Si’, the
watershed encyclical letter that called world’s attention
to the increasingly precarious state of our common
home. Five years on the encyclical appears ever more


The fifth anniversary of the encyclical comes in the midst
of another watershed moment – a global pandemic –
and Laudato Si’s message is just as prophetic today as
it was in 2015.

The encyclical can indeed provide the
moral and spiritual compass for the journey to create a
more caring, inclusive, peaceful and sustainable world.
We have, in fact, a unique opportunity to transform the
present groaning and travail into the birth pangs of a
new way of living together, bonded together in love,
compassion and solidarity, and a more harmonious
relationship with the natural world, our common home.


The Mini Vinnies and Chaplaincy team planted our prayer garden with our RE governor, Mrs Lyth.

Our prayer space-a lovely place to pray and reflect.



Statements To Live By

This week’s statement is – I try to love others as I love myself.