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World Book Day


The Last Supper/ Good Friday

Throughout the past two weeks, Reception have been learning about the events the leading up the the crucifixion of Jesus. The pictures below display the children were fully immersed within the narrative through the support of story books, props and costumes.

First Jesus blessed each disciple.

Then he washed their feet to show how we should all serve others.





Jesus, while at the table celebrating the Passover with his Apostles, took bread, blessed it, broke it and gave it to them saying: “Take it; this is My Body”.  


At this point Jesus knew he was going to die.The breaking of the bread symbolises the breaking of his body.

After they had eaten, Jesus took a cup filled with wine, offered thanks and gave it to them to drink saying: “This is My Blood, the blood of the covenant that is poured out for many”.

The unleavened bread and wine, as shared by Jesus at the Passover meal, was no longer bread and wine; it had become Jesus’ Sacred Body and Blood. It was Jesus’ ultimate gift to us and He asked his Apostles to “Do this in remembrance of me.”








































































New Topic: How many colours in the rainbow?

This half term we have been exploring the colours of the rainbow! We’ve been drawing, mixing and creating as we’ve explored ‘The Day the Crayons Quit’, ‘Elmer’ and ‘The Rainbow Fish’! Reception have enjoyed this topic very much and we have explored some key lines of inquiry which were aligned with the whole class’ interests.

Exploring what happens to chalk in water.

Can we paint on ice?

Colour hunt! How many items can you find for each colour?

Making potions!

Skittle experiment

Visit to the Cathedral

Visit to the Cathedral 1
Visit to the Cathedral 2
Visit to the Cathedral 3
Visit to the Cathedral 4
Visit to the Cathedral 5

Why do buildings stay up?

Key lines of enquiry:

What is a building? (Where we live/ work/ visit/ go to school)

Types of building and the areas they’re in (skyscrapers, monuments, landmarks, historical, domestic, schools etc)

The similarities and differences between buildings from different countries (Science – compare homes when countries have different climates/ weather)

Who builds buildings? (Understanding the World link with people and communities)

What tools do we need? (Bricks, cement etc)

Why do we need buildings? (Shelter, warmth, storage)

Homelessness – charity – prayer


If you are or know a builder/ someone who works in construction we would love to have someone come and in talk to the children about their job and answer any questions! Please let us know if you are interested.


Children can also bring in pictures of their homes or any story books about buildings/ houses that they would like to share with the class! Out first story when we get back is The Three Little Pigs.

Nativity Dress Rehearsal
Nativity Dress Rehearsal 1A big thanks to the whole school for watching!

Nursery Rhyme Stay and Play – November 2018


Today we had our first EYFS stay and play session of the year! Children dressed up as Nursery Rhyme characters and parents were able to play with the children and help them complete a range of challenges based around Nursery Rhymes. Challenges included making our own playdough, Incy Wincy Spiders, Split Pin Speckled frogs and lots more!! This was all followed by a lovely session with Michelle Mockler the Library Lady.








Self Esteem Yoga

Today in reception we tried some self-esteem Yoga! We started by warming up with a carousel of key gymnastic poses and then we got into groups to try the following poses:

Warrior pose

Chair pose

Mountain pose

Tree pose

Downward facing dog

For each pose we chanted phrases such as ‘I am Strong’, ‘I am Brave’, ‘I am Wise’, ‘I am friendly’ and more.

Not only was this fun, relaxing and a great source of exercise, but it also promoted excellent self esteem.










October – November

This half term our theme is ‘Why Do Leaves Go Crispy?’. Possible lines of enquiry:

How do leaves change colour? Do they feel different?

What animals hibernate and why?

What does it mean if something rots/ decays?

Read Stickman and go on a Stickman hunt

Learning about the seasons and the key differences between them/ changes over a long period of time

Building shelters/ dens

Sounds and smells of the forest

Children can bring in in pictures, books, photographs or other items related to this theme to share with us in class. We’ve had lots so far including a rocket made out of leaves!! Here are some pictures of our work so far.






September – October

Last half term our theme was ‘Did Dragons Exist?’. Lines of enquiry for our children included:

Did dragon’s really exist?

About castles, the different parts of castles and their purposes

How children’s own homes compare to castles

About life in the past

About real  and imagined knights, their armour and battles

About real and imagined princes, princesses, Kings and Queens

About fairy tales and traditional tales

About real life ‘dragons’ and their habitats

About the animals that were part of castle life

Children brought in pictures, books, photographs  and other items related to this theme to share with us in class.

Ready with out Dragon Egg!


Ready with our shields...


Ready for action!


Helmets on!


'Is that something in the trees?'


Keeping our eyes peeled..


Meeting Mummy Dragon


Lots of Dragon Cuddles!


Asking Mummy Dragon some questions


A Hug Goodbye!

Learning indoors and outside Autumn 1 2018

Learning indoors and outside Autumn 1 2018 1
Learning indoors and outside Autumn 1 2018 2
Learning indoors and outside Autumn 1 2018 3
Learning indoors and outside Autumn 1 2018 4
Learning indoors and outside Autumn 1 2018 5
Learning indoors and outside Autumn 1 2018 6
Learning indoors and outside Autumn 1 2018 7
Learning indoors and outside Autumn 1 2018 8